About Word & Spirit Covenant Church

We are a Reformed, charismatic, Bible-believing, family integrated church that is committed to the infallible Word of God. We're a house church working and praying to extend God's reign through the Person of His Son, Jesus Christ, combining the culture-transforming truths of God's Word with the dynamic power and gifts of the Holy Spirit! We're not ashamed of the Gospel, and we will proclaim the absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ over everything, applying the Bible to all areas of life and culture.

About the Pastor

Robert Fugate, Ph.D., M.Div., is the pastor of Word & Spirit Covenant Church in Omaha, Nebraska. In addition to his job as pastor, Dr. Fugate mentors young adults, missionary candidates, and other pastors in Biblical worldview, presuppositional apologetics, and theology.

Dr. Fugate has written a variety of teaching materials that have been used by pastors and missionaries in over 60 countries. His book, Key Principles of Biblical Civil Government, has been endorsed by numerous leaders and is available in both English and Spanish. He recently co-authored a position paper on the Sanctity of Human Life for the International Church Council Coalition on Revival project, as well as being a major contributor to their position papers God's Law for All Societies and "Education of Christian Children."
Robert and Vonne have been married for nearly 40 years and are blessed with four godly children (all of whom they home-schooled) and five grandchildren (and counting!).